Architectural Building Arts is currently seeking applicants for residential remodeling Support Carpenters and Production Assistants

Please send resume to:


Aaron Monroe
Architectural Building Arts
720 Hill St Ste 100
Madison WI 53705


or email:


General Position Requirements for both positions:


  • Mature & responsible work ethic
  • Good judgment & high ethical standards
  • Effective written & oral communication skills
  • Current & valid drivers license in good standing
  • Dependable truck or van for work related transportation
  • Respect and appreciation for the office staff, sales staff, & production staff, and recognition of their equally important role in producing a quality project

Support Carpenter Skills


  • Minimum of 5 years experience in residential remodeling required
  • Strong knowledge of OSHA rules and regulations
  • Ability to handle a full range of interior/exterior remodeling framing and re-working
  • Strong level of new and tie-in rough framing skills and knowledge of proper procedures and sequence of events
  • Good understanding of safe use of power tools and pneumatic nailers
  • Strong level of knowledge and skills at door and window installations, retrofitting openings, and deck building
  • Strong experience and knowledge of finish carpentry skills including cabinet setting, underlayment work, door setting, interior trim work, siding, stair and rail installations

Production Assistant


  • Ability and desire to learn a full range of interior/exterior remodeling framing, reworking, and finish carpentry
  • Basic level of comfort around construction sites and related equipment
  • Basic understanding of safe use of power tools
  • Willingness and comfort level working from ladders and at heights
  • Physically able to lift and carry 4x8x¾ plywood as well as perform demanding work on your feet all day
  • Willingness to get dirty, do demolition, take direction, work with insulation, and take on what is asked of you while keeping a “can do” attitude